✔ Place an old towel over shoulders when applying color.
✔ Make sure your hair is dry.
✔ Apply hair spray before and after application.
✔ Brush Application: Squeeze color directly on the applicator brush or squeeze color onto the palm of your hand, dip the applicator brush into color. Take the selected strands of hair you want to color and brush the color down the hair.
✔ Direct Application: Squeeze a generous amount of color onto the palm of your hand and run through hair.
✔ The color will be slightly wet when first applied. It will dry on its own after a few minutes.
✔ Finish with hair spray to prevent rub off.
✔ Rinse the color off the applicator brush with water.


Q. Is Splat Washables Temporary?
Yes it is a TEMPORARY hair color. It will wash out of most people's hair in one wash. Those who have bleached hair might need to wash a few times to get all the color out.

Q. What is the best way to apply?
Apply on finished styled hair. Squeeze Washables on to the brush provided and comb it through your hair. Using hair spray before and after applying the Washables will prevent the colors from rubbing off.

Q. Will it stain?
Maybe - You might want to wrap an old towel around you to prevent Washable from rubbing on your cloths. You may want to wear protective gloves to avoid staining hands or manicure. Washables will wash off your hands with soap and water.

Q. Should the product be applied to wet or dry hair?
Washables needs to be applied to dry hair to get the full color effect.

Q. Do I wash my hair after applying the color?
No, You only wash your hair when you want the color out.

Q. Will the product wash off in rain?
Washables was designed to easily wash out with shampoo and water. If it starts to rain make sure you cover your hair.

Q. Will the color flake off onto clothes?
There are steps you can take to prevent flaking. If you use hair spray before and after applying washables it will help the color lock onto your hair.

Q. Do I have to wash it off to get to bed?
Washable may rub off on your pillow and bedding if you leave it in overnight. It's best to wash it out before going to bed.